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Block Stand Layout for 36" Pompeii - Need Help

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  • Block Stand Layout for 36" Pompeii - Need Help

    I am using the free guide to do my build and the instructions are great but there are some gray areas for sure.

    I need help with the layout of my block stand. I am building a 36" oven. On page 23 of the guide it shows in picture 2.4 a very large layout and in 2.6 it appears to be a completely different layout. Also, it does not explain a specific layout for either the 36 or the 42"

    Does anyone have pictures of the layout you used, or is there a calculator for this?

    Also on page 13 there is a block stand size of 59 x 70. To get 59" you use 3 8x8x16 and 1 8x8x12, but I do not want to cut my blocks. If I can make a block stand without cutting block, that would be best for me.

    Thank you for any help

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    These plans are a mix of various builds and are some what outdated or inconsistent but are a great baseline to work from. You need do a layout that fits you own needs, such as whether you are enclosing the oven or not, type of base finish, ie rock, brick, strucco, etc, Is the build a corner build or not, amount of insulation and type of dome finish, all these item affect the foot print. Make the base so you do not cut CMUs. There is no one size fits all so get the pencil out or in you are computer nerd, use one of the free CAD programs. It is a lot easier to change on paper than once you start laying block.
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