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What else can I use? Can't find Fire Clay

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  • What else can I use? Can't find Fire Clay


    I am on the step where I should mix fine sand, fireclay, and water, to help set the floor fire bricks. However, I cannot find fire clay anywhere around here.

    Are there any alternatives for this?

    Thank you

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    You can just use dry sand. You may need the clay for the rest of the build though, try builders suppliers that the trades use, call a bricklayer to ask where they go, or try a pottery or ceramics supplier. You are looking for fire clay, bricklayers clay, ball clay, all powdered clay in bags, any of these will suffice. You don't want potters clay in a plastic state.
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      Humphries in Doraville.
      I should have posted this in the other request for materials you made. I have maybe 5-10 lbs left if you want it. I'm in East Cobb.
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