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    Hi, I have a question and hope some out there can help me out.

    OK, so here is what I got. I planned on making a built in BBQ. I built(me and friends) the frame as you can see and I planned on putting a grill insert in the center section. Well, I ended up buying a BBQ and never really finished the project. So, what I was thinking was to put a Pizza oven/fire place in the spot that the BBQ insert was going to go... it is kinda sorta there already. The dimensions are about 24+ inches deep and about 46 inches you can see. I also have about 10 behind that I could use if I took out the top part of the bbq pit

    What i need to know is can I use what I got and just add a dome to the existing structure and what else needs to go into the inside firebrick etc? Thanks

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    Looks like a nice corner for an oven, but I think you are going to need to add some depth if you want to build one.
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