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Napolino 70 black stain

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  • Napolino 70 black stain

    Hi all
    i have a napolino 70 and the front is black stained from smoke. Should I clean this regularly? Such a beautiful oven it becomes not picture friendly...

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    Hi Jr07,

    I'll alert Alex_FB and the FB staff about the cleaning question. Some smoke staining is inevitable and, to me, gives an oven some character. However, if you have thick black soot on the front you may be having some fire management issues. That could be caused by wood that is not seasoned (dry) and/or overloading the oven with fuel at the initial startup.
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      Thanks Gulf! jr07 I'll get the team to help ya out with this question regarding cleaning and fire management asap.


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        Hello jr07,
        The soot can be cleaned with lukewarm water and dish soap.

        It won't affect the performance of the oven and is all a part of the wood fired cooking experience

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          Here is a link to FB's Firing Your Pizza Oven. I use several different methods for lighting the oven. One of which is similar to FB's.

          Using the propane torch (I have a Harbor Freight weed burner): Before lighting the small pile of kindling, preheat the flue by aiming the flame up the flue. This will help get the draft started and train the smoke to go where it is supposed to go. I also like to get the kindling going a little closer to the opening than FB's example. I like to keep the torch going for about a minute after the lighting the kindling. When it is going pretty well, I then push it back to the center. Now it is time to add more kindling a then start adding the wood. If you don't have a propane torch, this can also be done with with a torch made of a kindling bundle or a piece of fat wood. (I hate paper) Don't forget, this all works well with dry (seasoned) wood. Not so well with damp wood.

          I hope this helps.
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            You might want to do a search for "upside down fire" too. It's the only method I use any more. Light and forget - at least for 10 or 15 minutes. I preheat the flue like Gulf mentions, then with the fire starting from the top down it seems to smoke a little less.
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