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F Blanket weight

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  • F Blanket weight

    What is the weight of the FB blanket material?
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    Re: F Blanket weight

    FB Blanket Pizza Oven Insulating Blanket

    you have 50 sq feet. The density is 8 lbs /cu ft. the thickness is 1 inch (not actually specified but implied in the link)

    Math time.
    Determine how many cu ft you have (length X width X height)
    length X width is 50 sq feet.
    50 X (1/12) [covert from inches to feet] = 4.166 cu ft

    Density X volume = weight (or maybe mass depending on proper use of units)
    4.166 X 8 = 33.333 lbs for a roll
    Figure another 4 pounds or so for a box to ship it in round it up to 40 pounds


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      Re: F Blanket weight

      Don't forget the weight of the stamps! Prices goes up tomorrow (along with everythiing else!)
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        Re: F Blanket weight

        Thanks Patrick, that makes more sense....

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        Sharing life's positives and loving the slow food lane