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  • Insulating Metal Stand

    I'm working on a 48" (cooking floor diameter) modular oven that will sit in a food truck on a metal stand. The stand's base, which the oven will sit on, is 6" deep (67" diameter to allow for dome insulation/stucco/tilework), and I plan to fill it with refractory cement to provide more thermal mass than the 2-1/4" oven floor has on it's own. My question is, will I need to somehow insulate the bottom/sides of the stand to prevent excessive heat going into the rest of the food truck's kitchen? If so, what are good options? I'd prefer to find a way to insulate inside of the base and leave the outside exposed, although the bottom of it could be covered, as it does not show. Thanks for the comments!

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    I think you are making a big mistake. With a dense floor 8-1/4 thick its doubtful whether youd get it to pizza temperature and the firing would take half a day. Thick floors and walls are more suited to bread ovens which, fired daily never truly cool down. IMO youd be better off adding more insulation under the existing floor.
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      David S, thanks for the reply. That's why I'm wondering how to best go about it. Our oven will be fired daily for about 10 hours, though, as is the one in our current restuarant. I could, for example, put 3" of insulating refractory concrete at the bottom of the base and the reamining 3" on top of that to add a little more termal mass for cooking. The base that is sold by the oven's manufacturer, Mugnaini, is 6" and filled with refractory concrete, but we've built our own base, as I live in the Caribbean and it is too expensive to ship their base over here. Any suggestions would be appreciated!