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Using insulation board for base?

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  • Using insulation board for base?


    I've searched the forums, and I didn't come across this question that I wanted to ask those with experience: given that insulation board sheets (like a 4ftx8ft x 2" thick, like this: has a standard rating of 25psi compressive strength, couldn't one build up a base of the WFO to about 4ft tall from the ground using these sheets, then cover around the sides of the sheets with decorative stone veneer? With a rating of 25psi, and an oven footprint of 36" diameter +/-, the load rating of the sheets is 25,000 lbs! Obviously, you'd have to have a good, clear thermal break layer between the brick floor of your WFO and the insulation sheet base. I've seen people comment that the thermal expansion of the oven will always pretty much 'break' whatever bond you have with your base, but the sheer weight of the WFO dome will keep in place, so it's not like I would have to have a bond between the styrofoam base and the WFO dome.

    My reason for even thinking of this is that I would like to locate my WFO on an existing patio. The existing patio is raised up above-grade (i.e. patio deck floor is around a pool area. There is a brick wall around the sides of the pool deck. On the outside of this brick wall is a drop off of about 4ft to grade on the other side.). My concern is that if I use the traditional cinder block base, plus the weight of the oven, it might prove to be too large of a load for the existing brick wall and/or patio floor to handle (along with the weight of a few other elements I would like to add next to my WFO). I figured using a bunch of 2" thick insulation sheets stacked up would be a much lighter base, while still strong enough to carry the load of the WFO.

    Has anyone ever attempted this base concept?

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    Not that I have seen. There have been some builds done with structural steel bases, even FB offers steel bases. There have also been a few heavy timber bases as well. Possible ways to lighten an oven is to do cast oven (dense refractory) vs a brick oven.
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      I saw the insulation board in HD the other day and it crossed my mind about using it, considerably cheaper, however have not researched the spics. Most of what I have read on this forum shows a 55 psi or higher and a temp rating of 1000 deg F.