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Two entry doors

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  • Two entry doors

    im wondering if its possible to make two entry doors ?
    One on each side. And steel have a properly working oven


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    Welcome Givo! I remember seeing a small restaurant in the northeast USA with an oven that had two entry doors, but I believe each side had a chimney. Basically, what I recall was that it was two Quebec styled ovens connected (open) at their backs. This allowed the restaurant to have one side/end closed and used for baking on retained heat while the other could have a live fire for pizza. Being joined, the live fire at one end would help maintain the heat in the baking chamber. Currently, there is another restaurant that has "flipped" this concept. They have one central fire chamber that heats two side Quebec styled ovens. They have a short video of the restaurant which shows this oven better than my explanation. Here's the link to the restaurant -

    American Flatbread

    Do you have a specific reason to ask about having two doors on an oven? In most cases, it would seem to make for a more difficult build (and most likely, less efficient in operation) IMHO .

    Hope this helps.
    Mike Stansbury - The Traveling Loafer
    Roseburg, Oregon

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