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Pizza Party Oven on Block Stand

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  • Pizza Party Oven on Block Stand

    Just purchased a Pizza Party Bollore oven now I need to build the stand to put it on. It only weighs 110lbs so I don't think I need a heavy durty stand. Planning on pouring a 48" X 40" slab about 3 1/2 inches thick then stacking 4 runs of cinder block. Then build a form for a concrete slab top. In the build instructions for the pompei oven they say to dry stack the blocks and pour concrete in every other space in the block. Will this type of building method keep the blocks together? I would think I would need to mortar the block to the slab and to each other. Thanks for any replies.

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    Look at the Forno Bravo eplans, they talk about bases extensively, cost 2-3 bucks
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      Giving the amount of time that has passed since your initial post, I would like to get an update if you've managed to solve your problem, and how did you do it?


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