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Under counter pizza oven?

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  • Under counter pizza oven?

    Hello. I am trying to plan out this design include a wood fireplace (with pilot gas to get it going) and a separate Chicago 500 kit. I researched a stacking design but it sounds like the whole construction would be too deep since the fireplace flue has to be behind a 30 deep oven.

    Could i install the mini chicago 500 series such that it is right below a 3 ft counter? Then have a stainless steel duravent protrude through the counter and up above? Hoping to keep it symmetric.

    -Will a pizza oven at that height be a pain? Should I raise the elevation for that side of the wall?
    -the kit comes with an anchor plate. Is an 18 inch double wall stainless duvavent sufficient for the smaller oven? Or do I need to go 24? I would also install a cap?
    -how should I treat the area where the vent passes through the counter? I presume a gasket would melt. Is there another duravent piece that could be installed along the shaft flush with the counter?
    -if the vent pipe ever gets damaged could I simply twist it off? Or do I need to remove a masonry counter and unscrew it from the anchor plate?


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    If you have a drawing of what you are thinking it would help you get some advice. But i will say this you do NOT want to have to kneel down to ust the oven. I believe the rule of thumb is to have the oven height at the height of your elbow. You need to tend to the pizza the whole time you are cooking now just toss it in and pull it out when done.


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        Please see some cad drawings. This is tweaked for 2.5 ft


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          I would not do that if i were you. That is not going to be fun to use. You would have to be sitting on the ground in order to see inside to cook. You need to constantly be messing with the pizza during the cook. I would bet you would not use it very much if you built it this way.


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            Even with the base at 2.5 ft off the ground?

            is there a way to put the oven above the fireplace? Its a kit so I cant pass thru the floor of the flue of the fireplace would have to go behind the 30 oven. Im presuming the entire structure would be approaching 5 feet in depth, which really eats into my patio space.


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              I worked along time (8 years) in a shop that had stacked deck pizza ovens, the bottom ovens were about 2-3 feet off the floor and it sucked using them.. we would walk the extra couple feet to use the next stack over top oven because the bottom ones were a pita.


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                Do not put the oven over the fireplace. The engineering gets a lot more complicated and normally you end up with 2 things that don't work well. One a while back had water get into the oven floor then the fireplace caused it to explode from steam build up. You would be better off putting it at the 4' height witch may be a little high but that is way better then low. If you are building it do it right the first time or you will have to do it twice. I don't understand why you are so set on keeping it low.