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Mortar for firebrick arch

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  • Mortar for firebrick arch

    So I'm working towards my build, doing a cast dome and I want to put a firebrick entrance and arch on it because i think it looks great. Can I use my castable refractory as mortar for the firebricks? (its proprietary from mt. savage, not home brew). If not, will the Rutlans refractory cement on amazon work? My supplier sells "Refractory Mortar" at $60 for a 10lb bag... i cant imagine i'll need that much dry mortar just to do an arch and to mortar the dome to my hearth right?

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    Most castable refractory has resonantly fine aggregate but still around 5 mm making it unsuitable as a brick mortar. You could sieve out the most coarse aggregate or use the home res mortar 3:1:1:1 sand, hydrated lime, OPC, powdered clay.
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      david s Thanks for much for the info. So given I can't really use the castable refractory, I decided to go and buy a 50lb bag of drymix heatstop II. My Father in Law wants an oven built at his cottage so I'll need the extra anyways.

      Man I'm getting close to casting the dome and I'm getting nervous! This project has been insane.. I'm just a computer programmer, never done anything like this ever but I want a wood fired oven SO BAD. Took me 2 months to build the right kind of trolley.. I had to get 1000lb casters, learn how to use a miter saw, learn how to use a drill, a jigsaw... Well, time to learn how to use a mortar mixing drill bit! uhhhh .. I can use one of those to mix castable refractory in a bucket.. right?


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        No, itís much better to mix it in a barrow with a spade. You can then asses the consistency a lot better. The stuff goes off very quickly so donít mix more than half a 25 kg bag at a time.
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