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42" Floor and landing template

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  • 42" Floor and landing template

    Hello all I've been looking for a 42" template diagram. But having trouble with various openings as per the plan I'd like to be at 19" but not sure about the vent and landing measurements I've seen landings as wide as 30 and as narrow as 20 is there a standard? I'm stuck on this because I would like a Template to trace my foam and calsi. Afraid to move ahead because of wrong cuts. Thanks.

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    My rule of thumb it that the opening is no more half the diametre of the dome so I would go with 20'' opening for the door arch
    To mark where the door opening meets the dome simply draw out the dome and measure where 20'' intercepts the 42'' circle
    The entrance or landing (flue arch) can be as wide as you like it will not effect the operation of the oven, but in most cases it depends on how much of a reveal you would like I wouldn't go any less than 1'' but 1 1/2'' would be better

    Cheers Doug


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      Great info and what I was thinking, but did not consider the mysterious "Reveal" Had to search that and found
      Leave a reveal at the entry to the oven
      I now see how that is accomplished, Thank you much!



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        Here is how I sketched out what Doug discusses in the post above - I used a cad program but also got a giant piece of cardboard and re-sketched just to make sure. The two circles represent the inside and outside of the dome, 4.5 inches apart. I set a brick shape at the height of my door, (12.25" for a 39" oven) representing the TDC arch brick and moved it left/right to make sure it would intersect the dome. If it does not intersect the dome you will have to go out of round to make it mate properly. I took a measurement from the end of the brick to the center of the oven and that set the distance to the outside of the inner arch.
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          Thanks for the great tip, I'm going to resume the project with better clarity. After looking thru the FB Plans it seems these crucial portions are missing or not clearly stated for a newbie, maybe a FB Plan 2.1 needs to be examined.


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            I agree - a few of us had been working with FB to update the plans, but that seems to have been put on the back burner.
            One of the things I figured out early with my build is if you don't have a good idea exactly what you are going to do you can really constrain yourself with some of the early on decisions you make. Find a few builds you feel comfortable "copying", both in terms of skill and looks, and get your dimensions down. Once you have a clear plan the build will be much easier.
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              I agree with JR completely. Find a few past builds and copy them or blend a few together. Try to learn from others mistakes if possible. And last but not least have fun, if you build it right you will have many years of use and fond memories.



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                Thanks guys! I've got my floor brick, casil and foam cut.