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Weep holes and tile

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  • Weep holes and tile

    Hello all, I'm using the casil / foamglas floor method and it was recommended to add 3/8" weep holes. I saw in the forms some members had also added mosaic tile turned upside down. Is this necessary? Getting ready to lay the floor and would like some advice, I priced 4 sq. Ft of mosaic at $60 or is there a cheaper alternative or do I even need to add more to the floor?

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    The mosaic tile is simply an easy method to channel any water to your weep holes. The foamglas will not absorb water, so that's really all you need since it's keeping the calsil board high and dry. I suggested putting in the mosaic sheets if you couldn't find or didn't want to spend the money on the foamglas. Also, I was looking at mosaic tile sheets that were leftovers, broken sections, discontinued patterns, and so on. Yard sales, neighbors who had tile work done, etc., were places to pick up these "excess" sheets for really cheap.

    I liked using the mosaic square sheet stock because of the "built-in" channeling and the webbing that supported the ceramic board while keeping it off the deck, but broken pieces of any porcelain tile could be used. In your case, the foamglas and weep holes are all you really need to provide a water barrier (and drain)...it's just that some of us tend to want to double down on protection from water coming up from below.

    Hope that helps.
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      Thank you mike,

      I was at the home depot yesterday and they had boxes of mosaic tile 75% off (10 sheets 11"x12"per box) for $11.99) so I bought a box. We don't get as much rain as you do up north but when we do it's been a lot. Thank you for the great advice, I like the idea of added protection so I may get a couple more boxes at that price and feel more secure down the road with my build.