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2 questions- Arch dept and Brick taper/bevel cuts

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  • 2 questions- Arch dept and Brick taper/bevel cuts

    Two Questions: I am in the process of fabricating my arch form since we have a bit of inclement weather here Q-1 how my arch form will be 20"W x 12.5" H how do I determine depth of my form?

    I was also thinking of cutting bricks for my 2nd course. Question should these bricks be tapered or just cut in half 4.5 x 4.5 and go on top of my soldier 1st course (soldiers are cut at 20 deg.). I've seen a lot on bevel and taper cuts but it seems like more work (cutting, jigs, etc.) then necessary if inside gaps are minimal and homebrew mortared on outside gaps are filled. Or does it get into excess mass? Please advise thanks!

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    I think probably the "Right" way to do it would be to taper your bricks. That being said, I didn't taper mine, but this means that my mortar gaps are probably larger than most (I started filling these with leftover cuttings as I went)


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      I'm may be wrong here and this issue is probably here somewhere but because I have angle cut soldiers my first course will have a more pronounced inverted V if I don't bevel cut. Been looking through forum attempting to find the "Best course of action" I'm leaning towards fabricating the jig that Mr.Chipster posted here.