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Ideas for my 46" Oven

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  • Ideas for my 46" Oven

    Hello everyone. I have been busy pouring my foundation and stand for my oven. I jumped the gun a bit and built the stand without putting all the thought in to the size of the oven. I have decided to build a 46". I am going to have 4" of vermiculite within the concrete hearth and 2" of FB on top of hearth. I was wondering about a 19" dome height with a 12" door heigh and 20" door width. I am thinking also about a baffle support around the vertical soldiers. I plan on pouring my second hearth pour (the vermiculite and concrete around that) I will place 5/8 rebar every foot around the soldiers perimeter (about 2.5" off the soldiers). I will then tie 3/8" rebar to the vertical rebar creating a robust support. I will then lay my floor brick and the mortared soldiers (mortar on vertical edges and no mortar on the bases) (leveled with sand and dry fireclay) on top of the FB board, on the outside edge of the floor. Next, I will form up the rebar and pour refractory insulation into the form. This should hold the soldiers in place for any outward pressure of the dome. I am sure I will have slight cracks somewhere on the dome because of the 1% expansion. So, a couple questions:
    *First, does this sound like a good idea?
    *Is there a way to build the lower dome oven of this size so that the oven will not crack due to expansion?
    *Anyone know how to find the strongest angle to be cut on the soldiers to start the lower dome, maybe ideas of angles for the rows as well to meet the 19" height?

    After the dome has been built I will do the 3" of ceramic blanket and 4" of Vermiculite on the entire dome.

    Thank you in advance to everyone in the FB community for your knowledge and help!