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  • Modular neapolitan oven

    Hi guys

    For the last 6-7 years I've been making neapolitan pizza on my Pizza Party oven. However, I would like to step it up, and maybe be able to do 2-3 pizzas at a time, and also get more radiant heat from the top. My budget is no where near getting a small oven from Ferrara or Acunto, and I don't think that I actually have the skills nor patience to build it all by myself - brick by brick.

    So I've looked a bit at some of the modular designs out there, as I think that I definately can manage to assemble the dome and do all the insulation. So far I've been looking a bit at the Sunday Grill Volta 100 that looks pretty good, and also some of the Valoriani offerings. However, I would really appreciate if anyone had other options that I should look at. Being in Europe, I should have access to quite a bit of manufacturers.

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    As this forum is kindly hosted by Forno Bravo in the interests of promoting wood fires ovens, you should probably go to them first. I think itís unfair to ask members to recommend alternatives. You could try the UK woodfired oven forum which is not sponsored by a manufacturer and also closer to you.
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