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Can I build a Pizza Oven on tarmac?

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  • Can I build a Pizza Oven on tarmac?

    Hi everyone,

    We are hoping to build a pizza oven as part of a school project. We have a suitable area that is in our allotment on a tarmac pathway. Will this be a suitable footing for a pizza over, or should I lay a concrete slab on top of it still, or use concrete flags etc?

    Thanks in advance.


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    If tarmac is mixed aggregate and tar, what is known in the US as asphalt, then the short answer is no. These ovens are really heavy and IMHO, tarmac does not have the structural strength to support the base and oven. A concrete slab is the recommended support base, most common thickness abt 6" reinforced with rebar and wire mesh. I suggest you buy the eplans from Forno Bravo, they are only $3 USD and will give you a good base line for designing and constructing a WFO.
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