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Which Chimney pipe do I need?

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  • Which Chimney pipe do I need?

    Well the time in coming where I need to start thinking about how I am gonna build my chimney and I have a few questions. My oven is going to be in an enclosure(dog house) and I am planning on making my chimney with the metal studs,cement board finished with a veneer stone and this will go all the way to the top of the pipe so no pipe will be seen, just the rain cover. so my questions are;
    First, What is the difference between Double Wall Chimney Pipe and Double Wall Stove Pipe and if there is a difference which one do i need ?
    next is, I dont plan on having that pipe being visible so i black pipe good to use? just dont want to spend alot of money on some nice stainless steel pipe if its never going to be seen.
    last is what is a good site to get this stuff from ?
    thanks in advanced

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    A stainless pipe doesnít stay nice and shiny anyway, it goes a kind of pewter colour. But if you are covering over it thatís irrelevant. It needs to be stainless, an ordinary pipe will need to be replaced in a few years so stainless single wall is what you need.
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      Thought people were saying to stay away from the single wall?


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        Only stay away from it because it can get hot to touch. Or if it penetrates a roof it needs a double flue so your house doesnít burn down. As you are building around it that becomes your outer skin.
        Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.