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Benefits of additional insulation?

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  • Benefits of additional insulation?

    I have a 2 inch FB ceramic board on top of concrete that gives me a 47 inch oven height which is ideal for me.
    After a lot of reading and seeing that this is now considered the 'bare minimum' insulation, I'm considering adding an additional 1 inch ceramic board, raising my oven floor to 48 inches which is still 'in range' for me.
    What additional benefits would I see from the additional 1 inch of board?
    I like the idea of baking in the oven after a pizza fire but am not married to it. Having the option however would be great.
    The cost of the additional board is not really an issue. At this stage money has lost all meaning. Funny how that works out.

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    Pretty much answered my own question. I'd rather have the piece of mind that the finished oven is well insulated than a few hundred bucks in my pocket.
    I've added another inch of ceramic fiber board.
    I now have 3 inches of board under my oven floor. 1 inch with 2 inch board on top.


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      Funny when we all start we are budgeting getting costs crunching numbers but when you start and get committed to the project we end up saying wonder if i should put do this its only $100. In the grand scheme of things that $100 is a fraction of what your time invested to the project is and the over all cost of it. We all did it at some point. I was like that when i built my enclosure. I thought should i fill it with perlite and I kept going back and forth but then I was like its crazy not too I jave the opportunity to do it and if I don't i more then likely will be upset that i didnt. only cost a few hundred dollars more and now I have piece of mind if me not thinking man I wonder if I should have did it. I also have a more insulated oven that will retain heat longer. I added an extra inch of insulation under my own to but I used foamglas as Russel and others have used because for one it doesnt wick water up and two it also insulates as well.

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        I was lucky to have a friend who already had experience helping me make my first oven. I'm scared to think how much energy, time, and money I would spend if I started doing everything alone like many others.