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Newbie Project- Converting Outdoor Brick Cooking Oven/Chimney For Pizza

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  • Newbie Project- Converting Outdoor Brick Cooking Oven/Chimney For Pizza

    Hi everyone,

    It is great to e-meet you. my name is John, and I've been a budding indoor pizzaiolo for a few years now. We recently moved to a new place here in the SF bay area, and it has an amazing brick chimney in the backyard, which was either built for grilling or the world's most overbuilt fire pit. It predates my landlord so even she isn't sure. I've attached some images here.

    Anyhow, obviously I'm dying to convert this into a pizza oven. The landlord has enthusiastically blessed it assuming minimal modifications/showing her my plan first for approval. I've been looking around the forum and learning a lot, but at that same time confusing myself as a conversion is seemingly more complicated than building something from scratch.

    So apologies for asking a thread that has been done before, but what do you all think? Is this a huge job not worth undertaking? Indeed it will need lining with (an entire) floor and some form of refractory brick/stone, that part I understand. But from an exhaust and ventilation point of view is this going to work? Or perhaps I extend the brick out over the front to the grate line in an arch in order to create a better and larger surface, and more of the desired dome shape? That sounds nice, but I'm not sure it fixes heat retention and air venting though

    Some thoughts would be appreciated!

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