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2nd attempt....advice on buying materials

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  • 2nd attempt....advice on buying materials

    I innocently built my first pizza oven and loved it, but I quickly became frustrated with the heat loss. Thanks to finding this forum and asking some questions it became apparent that I had not put anywhere near enough insulation. I have decide to take it apart and start again using the same base slab and rebuild on top of that with a good amount of insulation. The first time I was lucky to get many materials for free, but this time I have to buy them. I am going to build either a 39 or 41 inch pompei oven. I have downloaded the plans and looked at many of the other ovens on this site.
    I was thinking 6 inches of vermicular/concrete mix as the insulation. Would that be effective? Is there a better solution? And any advice on what bricks to use and where to get in the UK?
    I am sure I will have many other questions which I apologise in advance for,