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  • Floor insulation

    Hi all,

    This is my first build so I am after some guidance with the underfloor insulation.

    I plan on using 300mm square fire brick tiles for the oven floor. They are 50mm thick. I have already built the base of the oven and poured a 100mm thick layer of vermicrete on top of a 100mm reinforced concrete hearth.

    Next I plan to lay 25mm cal sil board on top of the vermicrete to give a nice flat and level surface to then place my 50mm fire brick floor tiles.

    I already have the cal sil board and 75% of the floor tiles as they were recently gifted to me so cost is not a factor.

    Does this seem reasonable? Can anyone see any problem with this plan?

    Finally, a friend suggested I seal the cal sil with a sealer used for stone paving - this will prevent any issues with moisture deteriorating the cal sil board. Has anyone else tried this?