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36'' corner build - double checking measurements

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  • 36'' corner build - double checking measurements

    Hi everybody,

    Well, like many before me, I am a long time lurker ready to jump into a build, knees shaking, butterflies in the tummy and very excited.

    Have been spending much of my time reading over and over some of the stuff you have shared, but honestly, the more I read, the less confidant I I would appreciate the forums help double proofing my initial plan.

    any and all inputs are welcome, the measurements in the picture are both Inches and cm, but below see the main data:
    • 36'' internal dimension
    • Corner build
    • Igloo shape, high dome
    • 11cm or 4.3'' dome thickness (bricks)
    • 8cm or 3'' insulation
    • 130cm 51'' final dome diameter
    • 47cm 18.5'' dome opening
    A few remarks:
    1. Final opening will have an offset for the door (internal opening will stay 18.5.
    2. Leaving some space for additional insulation and finishes, so final dome diameter might be just more that 51''
    3. Base (foundations) will be an additional 4'' all around.

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    What software did you use to generate the sketch? Can you or have you done a side view showing your arch location and height so you can see if a TDC arch brick will properly intersect the dome?
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      The software is SketchUp, but I'm just learning how to use it, the drawing is still 2D.

      JRPizza, as for your insight about the arch be honest...I'm not there in my understanding of the build.

      After reading a lot of the posts here, I decided to try not to overthink the process, just a step at a time, currently I am before 'breaking ground', so I am trying to plan only the oven stand, foundation and hearth, after that I'll dive into location, height....

      The down side of thinking one step at a time is that one might do horrible mistakes in early stages which could make it very challenging to fix, so thats why I am sharing my current 2D plan so hopefully the forum will save me from making a horrible mistake in the initial dimension of foundations and hearth.

      Any inputs will be welcome


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        Here are a couple of sketches from a 36" layout I did. Using a 12" high door I got a dimension of 22.5 from the center of dome to front of arch. There is some wiggle room on arch placement but yours should be in that ballpark. I also estimated the stand at 67 inches on the long sides, but I can't remember why. I would look at some 36" corner builds and count how many cinderblocks they used.
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