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Help with dome cracking.

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  • Help with dome cracking.

    Hi All,

    Looking for advice from the oven sages. I put three inches of ceramic fiber blanket over the dome, metal lath, then 3 layers of perlcrete. The middle layer had glass fibers mixed in. I wet cured the oven for a good amount of time. 4 days after first coat, then 12 days after second coat, and then 2 more weeks after the final coat. When I took the burlap off there were no cracks that I could see in the dome. I tried to be a little gingerly with drying it out - I still kept it covered with a tarp - but it's been very hot here this week. 24 hours after I stopped the wet cure I saw a crack form. Over the next 2-3 days it progressed. But it looks like it has stopped getting any bigger. Picture is attached. I believe that the crack goes through all three layers. I guess I should have dried it out slower.

    My question is what do I do next? I'm planning on tiling the whole dome with small penny rounds. I was planning on waterproofing the dome with Ardex 8+9, then thinset, tile, grout. I have read other threads in this amazing forum about allowing the insulation layer to release moisture / steam and already have a path for that going into my flue.

    Is there something I should do about the crack now, or just proceed with the Ardex 8+9 and do what I was planning? I'm assuming putting stucco over the crack will do little to help. Is there a risk of steam coming through this crack and somehow messing up the tile down the line? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.