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Flooring ruined

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  • Flooring ruined

    Hey all!
    I've just had my floor done, cement, tiles and all, and did not cover as I wasn't expecting any rain... Now, floor is ruined, tiles are all wobbly, and there's cement sticking out in between. Now I'm getting the floor redone and I'm looking into suggestions how to keep it safe. A friend of mine suggested using a naylon cover on top of it, but I looked in to its prices and it seems a little too much for my budget. I've got a waterproof car cover australia made, which seems to cover the area well enough and keeps it dry.
    Any suggestions?

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    Floor bricks are better laid loose to allow for expansion of individual bricks as well as easy replacement if required down the track. A dry 50/50 sand powdered clay around 1/2” thick under them is normally use as a levelling medium if required.
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      Thanks a bunch!!


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        Cover it every time with a tarp.
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