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4” chimney ... is it big enough?

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  • 4” chimney ... is it big enough?

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a cast oven from the U.K. but there is not much choice with only two options that I can find!

    There are several nice looking multi component ovens for sale but they are made fro insulating materials... I don’t really get that but it seems to be popular!

    Anyway the one I most like the look of in the Vitcas high mass oven however I have a concern with the chimney opening size as it is only 4”.
    it appears they use the same chimney on all their models .
    so my question is ... will a 4” chimney be ok on a 32” oven?

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    At least with Forno Bravo oven plans, the recommended chimney size for a 32" is 6"ID. There have been several cast ovens built or being built by UK currently. Look in "Other Oven Types".

    Nick JC did a nice job on his. It this section, there are list of material suppliers. I thought you already built an oven?
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      Thanks I will have a look.
      Yes I built a mould and in fact made 6 ovens!
      Unfortunately my mold has taken a beating and would need a lot of work to get it in one piece again ha ha.
      The last oven I made in the mold got really stuck and I had to break the mold to get it out, my fault for being complacent and not waxing it properly.
      Anyway I have have another friend wanting one built so I thought it would be easier to buy one than re build the mold
      I just assumed there would be a choice of ovens to pick from but no.... I enquired about a FrnoBravo model but I was told to contact this guy in NZ as regarded U.K. sellers but he (she) did not reply.
      There is one other choice but I was not so keen however it does have an 8” chimney opening.