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Temperture Gauge for floor and dome.......

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  • Temperture Gauge for floor and dome.......

    I just purchased a BBQ tem gauge from Amazon with 4 probes.
    ( ThermoPro TP25 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Digital Cooking Food Thermometer for Grilling with 4 Temperature Probes Smart Wireless Smoker BBQ Thermometer)

    The plan was to put one probe under theoven floor between the insulatinf layer and the fire brick and another in the dome. I was going to mortar a metal straw inbetween the dome bricks for easy insertion and replacement. The straw would NOT extend into the dome and would go about halfway in to the dome brick.......

    Is this a good idea for the dome and floor temps?????

    Also I am sending it back as MAX temp is 572F. This is not hot enough for the pizza side of thigs or am I missing something here.....

    Any suggestions for temp gauges of this type or ideas how to do this would be welcome. I do have a laser temp gauge I have used in the past but wanted to go gadget mad while building my new WFO.

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    I can tell you from experience, I installed type J thermo couples in my oven and have a multimeter that reads temperatures at a control box but I never use them any more. It is just a wasted feature, I just use a cheapo infrared temp gun and visual cues, IE dome clearing, etc. You are better off spending your gadget money on pizza tools like loading and turning peels or at least materials to build them.
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