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Outdoor oven that I access from inside. I know nothing. Where do I start?

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  • Outdoor oven that I access from inside. I know nothing. Where do I start?

    Hi all. I'm having a house built in Canada and will have a three-season sunroom connecting to the house. I want a wood-fired oven sitting outside next to the sunroom that will be accessed from inside the sun room. See this photo:

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    I want to use this oven to make pizza, bread, paella, and whatever else that comes to mind. I won't be having huge parties or anything but it would be nice to be able to cook full meals in there for 10 people when the occasion arises.

    I don't know anything about wood-fired pizza ovens. I know I can buy a big steel one right now, can buy a kit, or have a custom brick oven one built for me. My contractor has a great mason/bricklayer and he suggested he could do anything, but my guess is I'd need a solid plan and can't just tell him to build me a pizza oven.

    I don't care what it looks like since it will never be seen. It just needs to work well and be accessible and closeable from inside the sun room. I don't think a pre-made steel unit would work well since it might not sit flush with the wall assembly. I also want it to cost as little as possible.

    What would be the best way to proceed? Are there any special considerations given that it will be adjacent to two walls and will be accessed from within a structure?

    Any help is most welcome

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    Any thoughts from anyone?