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Steel Housing Mobile Pizza Oven

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  • Steel Housing Mobile Pizza Oven

    Hi All

    After seriously contemplating building my own Mobile Oven out of Steel, I have finally bit the bullet and decided to go ahead especially after coming into contact with a Structural Engineer friend of mine who's going to help me put it together. I have a few question regarding the design of it if anyone would be so kind as to guide me in the right direction. Bare in mind, I'm going for the so-called space saving oven comparable to the likes of the Ardore, Roccbox, OOni, etc.

    1. What should be the internal height of the dome?
    2. What material should I use on the internal dome (Stainless, Mild Steel, etc)
    3. What material should I use for the external of the dome (Alluminium, Stainless, Mild Steel)
    4. How large should the front opening of the oven be?
    5. I want the oven to be both Gas Powered and Wood Fired – what suggestions can you guys give me on the position of the Burners and interchanging for wood when need be (Back or Side of oven)?
    6. The concern I have heard before about these oven is Thermal Mass - on the other hand, one wants to keep things as light weight as possible. I guess one has to trade-off. I did read that some of the abovementioned ovens have excellent heat retention as well recovery however none of them have an abundance of thermal mass except for the brick floor. My question is whether over insulation will cover up for lack of thermal mass?

    Really excited to get this off the ground
    Take Care