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Air flow air mouth at the back of portable pizza oven

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  • Air flow air mouth at the back of portable pizza oven

    Hi, to the portable stainless steel pizza oven, generally they are really compact, probably the floor is only 34 to 40cm width. There are wood and gas version. To the wood/pallet version of pizza oven, I notice there is a hold at the end of the oven, I guess it's to supply the air for burning.
    Why doesn't the traditional brick/clay oven (1m diameter) have an extra hole at the back of the oven?
    What are the differences between them? be the mean of heat-up speed, the temperature, fuel-saving, air-flow and etc.
    Does the gas version portable oven need a hole as well?

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    With this type of oven (narrow and deep), you don't get the same air circulation as in a large round ditto. The oxygen sucked though the opening is not enough to fuel the combustion. I've tried without the rear vented but ended up with a hole in the back with an adjustable size of ~ 2.5 x 12 cm. It also burns the coals very efficient and enabled the use of a low heat shield between the fire and pizza for a closer placement and a more even bake.
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