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  • Type of Medium Duty Brick

    Hi everyone,

    I recently reached out to my local refractory and asked for a Medium Duty Brick that had Alumina - 38%, Silica - 50%, Density - 138 lb/cu/ft and a Service Temperature - 2450 F.

    When the refractory reached back out they mentioned they had a firebrick branded as 'Ovenzz' meant for fire ovens but had the following: Alumina - 43%, Silica - 52%, Density - 142 lb/ft3

    I just wanted to make sure that those specifications would still work for a pizza oven or if I should look elsewhere to find more exact for a medium duty brick?

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    Ovenzz is a NSF rated brick promoted by Harbison Walker, supposedly touted as food grade. Should work fine, it may be more expensive than a non branded refractory brick which is typically used WFOs on the forum. You will just need to evaluate cost comparisons and benefit trade offs (if any).
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      Ok thanks Russell. Ill see if there are any other options in the area to compare too. Good to know this will work in the event I go this route.