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Oven Floor and Insulation question...

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  • Oven Floor and Insulation question...

    Hi all,

    So, I'm just starting my 900mm build. The insulation (50mm board) and bricks are cut ready for the floor and I've cut approx 50 bricks in half so-far for the dome, we're still having frosty mornings here so I haven't started sticking it all together yet.

    I haven't seen anything definitive about fixing the floor. Should anything go under the insulation or does it just sit there ? And what goes between the insulation and the bricks ? Sand or a fire cement mortar. I need something to level them up as some of my bricks vary by maybe 2mm.

    If it makes a difference, I'm building my dome on top of the floor.


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    The floor bricks are best laid loose so they can freely expand individually. This also makes the replacement of any far easier. So to level them a dry mix is better. A1/4” deep mix of 50/50 sand and powdered clay applied with a notched trowel does the trick of levelling uneven floor bricks.
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      Ah, thanks for that..
      So, (this may be a really stupid question) what about the first course if dome bricks? Will they be bonded to the floor or just placed in position so the floor can expand beneath them?


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        No, that’s a very good question. Most builders favour not bonding them to to floor bricks., althoughwith all that weight sitting on those under the dome I can’t see that they’d move much.
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          Great stuff, thanks.

          I must admit, I have been wondering about all that weight sat on the outer edge of the insulation board. If I didn't know it has been done many times before I wouldn't believe it could take the strain.