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  • Door for pizza oven

    I have built a Tuscany Brick oven 100cm inside. I would like to get a door (not hinged) to the oven, but I do not know what will be the best design. When I google door for pizza oven, most of the doors without hinges don not have ventilation holes. I believ having ventilation holes will be better. Do any have any pictures or plans for a good general design?

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    There is potential for two doors, the inner door that holds in the heat once the fire is out and an outer door used for smoking food and general weather protection
    Generally neither door would be used while cooking pizza.
    The inner door fits in front of the chimney outlet and is usually insulated and made from heat resistant material.
    The outer door can be more decorative and does not need to be insulated.
    I make the inner door from steel with a vermiculite lining the outer door I make from wood with a vermiculite lining .
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