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Castable Insulator Info needed _ Matrilite 18 ( Insulmix )

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  • Castable Insulator Info needed _ Matrilite 18 ( Insulmix )

    Hi there - I'm in the process of beginning my build with a Premio 100 kit. I've a question for anybody that has worked with Matrilite 18 which now goes by the product name Insulmix 2025 by Allied Mineral. I'm doing an igloo shape build which will be covered with tile. I'll have the dome, covered by 4" ceramic blanket, then Matrilite, then a waterproofing under the tile. I've grabbed a few bags of Matrilite but there are no ratios for water on the bag so I'm looking for mixing information for trowelling it on. Anybody have any idea?

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    Mix the stuff in a barrow with a spade so you won't degrade the grains and add water, while continuing to mix, until it just begins to pool at the bottom of the barrow. Do not render over this layer until it is completely dry as the considerable amount of water used in the mix will be locked in and can create problems if it turns to steam suddenly. You can use the oven for a long time before the outer render is applied as it is only a weather seal and a strong protective outer layer.

    This is what I've found, not sure if it's exactly the same product. It says 20% water addition min mixing time 8 mins.
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      Thanks for a starting point. Unfortunately that is a different product you linked to. This product used to be called Matrilite 18 - I know Canuck Jim on the forum has used it quite a bit. Now it goes by the name Insulmix 2025. The problem is that Allied Mineral has many different products called Matrilite or Insulmix - each with a different composition for different applications.


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        I saw an old post where Canuck Jim mentioned 2.9 lbs of water for 25lb bag... way less than 20%... thats why I’m hoping there is somebody that has actually used it can chime in