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  • Corner Installation 32"

    I'd like to build a 32" ID corner installation and can't find measurements to help me get started. The ones on p17 of the Pompeii plans are confusing. I think my base will be 52"x52" (32" plus 9" FB, 6" blanket, and 5" outside stucco), but where should I cut off the corner of the square flush to the vent? Are there drawings anywhere? Thanks!

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    TJ, welcome to the forum! Corner builds are not well documented in the FB plans so one thing you should do is a search for 32" corner builds and find a few you can follow along with as you build. I did a 39" corner and found a few of those and did as much reverse engineering as I could - especially for the base by counting blocks that others had used.
    Are you handy at all with any cad programs? I use Freecad and think I have a 36" layout in that format you could use as a good starter.
    Edit - I saw you were building a 32 not a 36 - i might still have a smaller oven laid out on a corner you could potentially use.
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      Hi JR. Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately not handy with cad programs. I ended up pouring my base 54"x54", with the corner being cut off around 34" on each adjacent side. I'll upload some drawings and pictures to share with others needing help with corner installations.


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        You can take JR's cad drawing and easily transfer the numbers to full scale.
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