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How do I attach the chimney to this cast opening?

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  • How do I attach the chimney to this cast opening?

    I have a cast refractory dome kit with a pre-cast opening for the chimney. I plan to use a double- walled stainless chimney. The opening in the casting is recessed to accept the chimney pipe but I am confused as to how I should attach it that will give the chimney adequate support? I was thinking that I could set it in place usung refractory mortar around the base where the chimney meets the dome and the perlcrete layer that is going to be on top of the ceramic fiber blanket help will support it but I'm not sure that's enough. The chimney pipe is 40" in length There are no flat surfaces to attach an anchor plate to. Please see photo.

    Oven info: 36" refractory dome, igloo-style build, outdoor installation, 4" calsil insulation under firebrick, 2" fb ceramic fiber insulation over dome, 1.5" of perlcrete on top of ceramic fiber blanket (planned)