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Has anyone used soap stone?

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  • Has anyone used soap stone?

    I am considering soap stone but I have found as yet no one who has any experience. I have 2 pieces 28" by 33" seems it would almost closely fit a 42" oven floor at 33" by 54". Or I could use as a hearth on either side of the oven opening.
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    Re: Has anyone used soap stone?

    Welcome, I just looked into it but will not do it due to cost (wanna sell some soapstone?) There is a favorite link of mine that uses the soapstone for the hearth....

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      Re: Has anyone used soap stone?

      I have read that the soapstone is great for gets hot, but I have heard that it is less good for bread. So like everything it seems it depends! If you're using it for both use the standard hearth.


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        Re: Has anyone used soap stone?

        How thick is it? If it's only an inch thick you might need a layer of splits (thin fire brick) under it.
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