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  • Oven Orientation

    Hi Yall,

    I've chosen the spot for our oven in our backyard and I'm trying to decide on which direction the front of the oven should face. Am I correct to believe that the wind should not head straight into the face of the oven and rather blow across its mouth from either side?

    Eager To Dig,


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    Re: Oven Orientation

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you find the info you desire. There is more than plenty here. As far as the wind goes it would be preferred from what I have read to have prevailing wind coming from behind. If that isnt possible then from the side would be acceptable. You definitely do not want it blowing direct into the door.
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      Re: Oven Orientation

      Hahahaha! Good one! If you are from Toronto, you know what the North wind in the winter is all about. This applies only to OUTSIDE ovens.

      Indoors, conventional wisdoms recommends that all ovens face WEST.


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        Re: Oven Orientation

        Thanks Kindly Folks! Where I am situated (just East of Toronto), the wind blows mainly from the South West and as you mentioned PP, from the North for the winter months. I think I will therefore have the mouth facing East.

        Thanks Again.


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          Re: Oven Orientation

          PM sent. :0
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