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  • make an oven

    Hello there Can you take a look at my oven design myself?

    can you write the missing

    what are your suggestions

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    Hi Kdr, welcome to the forum.

    I can only see 1 picture. There is not much I can comment because I can only see the outside.


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      Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	0 Size:	37.0 KB ID:	445984 özür dilerim yeniden yükledim
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        Sorry KDR, your pictures are not showing. I find 800x600 pixels to be the best picture size for posting (jpg files). Also, the Pompeii oven design has been extremely well documented already...there is no reason to reinvent the wheel for a basic oven. One of the most important things for a successful build is to have good insulation completely surrounding the oven...especially underneath the cooking floor. Welcome to the forum and be aware you will need to post in English to get the most benefit and feedback from the forum community.
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          Originally posted by kdr042 View Post
          what are your suggestions
          Your entry is way too long/deep. It's almost a bus trip to get into your oven. The shorter the entry the easier it will be to work the oven.