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Casa100G new build - Ontario, Canada

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  • Casa100G new build - Ontario, Canada

    Hi All - new to the forum here and looking to start a thread of my build (with some questions to follow along the way ).

    I am putting together a Casa 100G wfo/natural gas burner in a corner configuration. We are keeping the footprint relatively small as the yard is not huge.

    I have the foundation slab in place and will be starting the hearth build (see photo of slab, gas line, and fire brick template).

    Initial questions:

    - are pavers suitable (Unilock brand or other) acceptable for use and if so, what is the best method for installation to prevent shifting? Is masonary glue acceptable?

    - I plan on pouring a 3.5" corner concrete countertop in place after the hearth is built. Do I need to drill/pin the pavers so the concrete has something to bite? Or can I just build the form on top of the paver hearth with the appropriate HardieBacker board/form walls?