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    Hi guys. i was wondering if someone could direct me to where i can get a copy of the free plans mentioned of the pompeii brick oven.
    Cheers, Darren

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    Found them

    It is amazing how you find things if you look through the site when you are awake and not 1/2 asleep.


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      Oven Plans undergoing a long slow transformation

      (M) Hi, Darren,

      I used the plans that you probably found at:

      (M) That link was very difficult for me to locate in the Forum so I'll suggest to the editors of the revised plans that a very clear link to that URL be accessible to the forum members. Revised plans are under construction.

      (M) The new plans will ultimately be in .pdf format and will also allow a builder to use fire brick as an option to using FornoBravo pre-fabricated ovens. Those new .pdf plans will be a group effort and will take some time to be done carefully.

      (M) In the meantime, once you are past the concrete block Hearth Stand, you could refer to other posts on this Forum for procedures to follow. I have posted a series of images of my process on PhotoBucket at:

      (M) But I have made some fairly major changes to the way the first oven was built. If you have any questions, I'll try to direct you to where you can get answers.



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