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Fire brick help identification

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  • Fire brick help identification

    Hey guys, first time post, just want to say thanks ! you all are amazing and I’ve been reading this forum for weeks as I’ve been preparing for my build. Looking for help with my fire bricks, they were made for a blast furnace but never used, they are 7”x4.5”x3” they weigh 8.49 lbs, they are very hard and not very porous. I started laying the first row of the oven, soaked the brick in a wheelbarrow of water, but my bricks didn’t hardly bubble at all. That got me wondering if my bricks are ok for the pizza oven. The have these numbers and letters stamped in them. E65 348 and 7/8 any knowledge or advice would be very appreciated!

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    Hey, can you upload a pic of the firebrick ?