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design software for ovens and such

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  • RandyJ
    I am sure you could use sketchup or something like that. I am not good at that and tend to have a rough vision and wing it. That said I am in construction and ask questions to thoes that do that kind of work to make sure I am going in the right direction.

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  • ThomasHolt
    started a topic design software for ovens and such

    design software for ovens and such

    As I move forward to start building ovens and such, I do realize that the ovens are the basic concept and all the other things are just the bells and whistles, so to speak. Even a domed Pompeii can be block around to look like a house or a barn or whatever the customer may want it to look like in the end. brick, stone, tile, etc.
    Is there software out there that is semi-easy to leard that can help in designing different concepts.
    I have not started building anything yet, just trying to get ducks in a row.