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Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

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  • Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

    I have been using the addition of stainless steel 'needles' to reinforce the castable layer in the high tech. ovens, during my workshops, over the past 4 years, with great sucess.
    The 'needles', oddly called 'melt extract', are about 1mm x 25mm and have come from the furnace/kiln industry to reinforce their cast or sprayed refractories.
    I use about 3 kg to an oven of about 1200mm x 1000mm dimensions.
    I have a workshop in Calgary, Canada, next northern summer and I was hoping some North American forum participants may know where I might be able to purchase small supplies of this material.
    It is not difficult for me to carry 3 kg. with me but I would like to be able to advise the participants, who wish to build their own ovens where the 'needles' may be purchased.
    I would be grateful for any advice.
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    Re: Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

    Here's an internet supplier:

    Refractory Reinforcing 1" Stainless Steel Needles 10# - eBay (item 130157121707 end time Oct-19-08 08:22:31 PDT)

    I bought some stuff (not needles) from these people, it pays to ask for a shipping quote before you buy.

    This is something that it may pay to buy from your local Harbison-Walker dealer.
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      Re: Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

      Hi Guys,

      I moved this to Getting Started. This seems like a good place.
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        Re: Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

        So the thermal expansion of these matches refractory cement? You are using these in the dome refractory casting itself?


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          Re: Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

          I don't think so. But they are so small in cross section that I think they can either compress or stretch enough to not cause significant problems. - just my opinion - others may vary....

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            Re: Stainless steel 'needles' as reinforcement

            I use them too, both in castable refractory and for the concrete supporting slab. It is more expensive than ordinary steel reo, but it saves time because you don't have to bend any rods. I was told to use it as 20kg/cubic metre which is a big double handful for my 30 litre slab
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