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  • Themal Expansion

    I am planning to build the entire oven enclosure from brick in an arch design.
    Assuming the firebricks and insulating layers expand and contract I think it will be necessary to maintain an air space between the brick enclosure and the insulation layer to avoid cracking the morter in the enclosure.

    If an air space is required, does anyone have any advice on constructing the arch of the enclosure?

    Should I build the enclosure first then construct the oven?

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    Re: Themal Expansion

    I considered the finishing option you are and ultimately I chose to finish it differently...it is quite difficult to eliminate the possibility of cracks in the exterior brickwork...many of the oven builders here have finished their ovens in stucco domes using first ceramic fiber blanket insulation followed by vermiculite concrete and then the final stucco layer...the same layering method should allow you to finish your oven in brick arches but cracking may still be an issue...I also could not vouch for the mortar joint staying weatherproof at such shallow angles...we had an acquaintance who had their oven constructed in a dome and finished the exterior as a brick dome with only sand as an insulator in between...lots of cracking both inside and out...
    My honest advice would be to look through the pictures of finished ovens on the forum to get some better pictures of how it can be finished you might see something you like and might do instead or you might find one that can assist you in your current idea
    Welcome to the forum and all the best!
    "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
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