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Where to purchase Fire Clay in Seattle

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  • Where to purchase Fire Clay in Seattle

    Does anyone know where to purchase Fire Clay in the Seattle area? Is 'Fire Clay' an industrial term or is there another name/term for it?

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    Re: Where to purchase Fire Clay in Seattle


    Fireclay is indeed an industrial term. You might be able to find it at companies who sell pottery and kiln supplies; at least you can where I am. You want the finest "screen" they have; ie, the smallest, finest particles.

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      Re: Where to purchase Fire Clay in Seattle

      Try Mutual Materials (in phone book and online). Also try Glacier Northwest they have lots of this sort of thing including vermiculite and perlite. Cheaper than Seattle Pottery Supply.


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        Re: Where to purchase Fire Clay in Seattle

        Thanks for the quick reply Wiley and CanuckJim.
        I did find some at Seattle Pottery. $10 for 50lbs. Not sure if that is expensive or not, but one more item off the list and I'm ready when I finish off the insulation layer of my hearth.


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          Re: Where to purchase Castable Refractory cement in Seattle?

          Is there anywhere in the Seattle-Bellevue-Renton-Redmond area that carries a castable refractory cement (mortar)?

          (I need to fill a fairly thick area, up to 2" thick, maybe 24" wide x 10" high, and I don't want it to crack, so ordinary refractory won't work. It's in a hard-to reach place, filling a gap inside a two-layer, partly-rusted firebox, so I can't use firebrick. I've thought of using a high-temp cement like a Class G/ MSR HSR, but am not sure if I can buy 10-25 lbs here.)

          I'd like to get this in the next day or two if possible, without paying too much. So I don't want to wait for shipping from an online place.

          Or is there a reliable recipe materials I can buy in stores here? (I've seen several recipes online that look pretty dubious to me.)

          Many thanks for any leads!!