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Hearth Cooking surface

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  • Hearth Cooking surface

    My Mason has built lots of ovens and stated he has gone to laying fire brick for the hearth using morter as the joints. I assume one able to withstand high heat. My concern is in looking at pictures i dont see mortar used inside the dome between the firebrick on the hearth. It looks like the brick is on end lengthwise with no mortar between them at all creating a flatter service. Will what he is doing work?


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    i'm not certain whether or not it would work. it would seem that you would get expansion cracks in the mortar. the question in my mind is why mortar if you don't have to? i can't think of any advantage to mortaring the floor.
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      He is a speciazed mason for over 30 years and has built lots of ovens both barrell vault and dome. I questioned this technique and he really could not answer me why this is. I understand thermal expansion and it makes sense that I would get cracks in the mortar and it would also be harder to move pizzas in and out and around the oven with small joint ridges. I don't think the oven will be used but 5-10 times a month max. Probably just weekends and at large gatherings so it will certainly not take a ton of abuse. probably 2 firings a weekend max. I just wonder with what he did will it really afffect the temperature of the oven. At this point its too late to chand what he has done as the floor was laid today.