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  • Indoor Corner Oven

    I am contemplating a corner build of a 36" oven.
    I have experience building rumford and kiva fireplaces. This is my first time for an oven. The corner already has a 6" clay chimney from a now abandoned stove. The exterior walls on the corner are 10" thick adobe.

    Will this flue be large enough? It actually measures 6.5 x 6.5. There really isn't anyway to go to an 8" flue and since the oven is indoors smoking out the door really isn't a good option.

    The second question deals with the location of the chimney since it is at the back of oven has anyone had experience either putting the chimney vent transition in the back instead of the front of the oven? Alternatively would it be feasible to run the chimney over the top of the dome, then tie it in to my existing chimney?

    The sketch shows where the chimney is. I will have to recess the adobes to make the stove fit as shown. Where recessed I will use a sheet insulation like mineral wool or insulfrax.


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    Re: Indoor Corner Oven

    I'd check with your local building dept. about the size of the chimney you need for the oven. They will eventually be the ones to sign off on you plans, so you need their blessing anyway. Most of us here use 6 inch chimneys for 36 inch domes, so you should be in the ball park.

    Regarding the chimney positioned at the back of the dome, there's been many many discussions of this configuration. I think the general consensus is that it is not the best way to go. Dmun will undoubtedly fill you in more on this, or you can search the forum for topics or posting similar to "chimney in the back", which might put you right into the midst of those discussions.

    It is possible to use two 30 degree bends in your front positioned chimney to angle it over the top of the dome and presumably capture your existing chimney, assuming that there is room for those angles and transverse sections between the top of the dome and your ceiling/chimney opening.

    Then again, I've been wrong before!
    Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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      Re: Indoor Corner Oven

      Thanks for the quick reply. I have looked over the forum and found the squirrel chimney ovens. I am leaning more towards 2 30 deg angles. Does anyone have suggestions for dampering the chimney when the oven is not in use. Since this is an indoor oven the chimney can be a source of cold air into the room. I have used roof top dampers but they usually require a cable running through the chimney which with the angles may not work so well.

      Another question deals with the shape. Is there any issue with making the stove floor oval shaped instead of perfectly round?


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        Re: Indoor Corner Oven

        On your shape question -- I have an oval (Artigiano120) and it works great. Ovals are popular in pizzerias that want a lot of cooking space, without getting too wide. In fact, the two largest versions of our Modena commercial oven are also oval.

        Go for it.
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          Re: Indoor Corner Oven

          Amazing project....good luck!