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covering the dome

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  • covering the dome

    Do I have to cover outside of dome with refractory cement or is that just to put dome joints together. Can I fill in and smooth out the outside of dome with portland cement . Do you have to use both the ceramic blanket and portland cement@vermiculite for insulation or can you use just use portland cement @ vermiculite for isulation on outside of dome. Then Put stucco over that

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    Re: covering the dome

    There's no reason to cover the dome with cement. Some people do this to add additional thermal mass, but there's no structural reason for it.

    You can insulate with the blanket, or with vermiculite concrete, or both. The blanket is twice as efficient as the vermiculite concrete, so you need less thickness if you use it. The blanket doesn't cover the dome very evenly, it's lumpy with the overlaps and wrinkles, so folks who want to finish in an igloo shape sometimes cover their blanket with the vermiculite mix to get a smooth base for the dome stucco.

    If you use just the vermiculite concrete, you are going to want at least a four inch covering, maybe more at the top.
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