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Suitable for under hearth insulation?

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  • Suitable for under hearth insulation?

    Hi could someone tell me if this board is suitable for insulation under the cooking floor?

    Block 607 Board-France - ceramic fibre, thermal ceramics, refractories, insulation bricks, castables, ceramic fibre paper, ceramic fibre board

    It's Blok-607 800 I'm looking at. 800C max temp is MORE than adequate as far as I'm aware?

    It looks OK to me but I'm no expert. Would 2" (50mm) be OK directly on top of support slab? The stated thermal conductivities are for a board thickness of 2".

    Dont know importance of linear shrinkage or loss on ignition or modulus of rupture!!

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Suitable for under hearth insulation?



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      Re: Suitable for under hearth insulation?


      Sorry can't help much,,,

      We are looking, but without experience with the details, any opinion wouldn't get the job done.

      Give the post a little time, maybe someone with the correct education will see it and weigh in...

      Good luck, glad to see you're building and oven!



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        Re: Suitable for under hearth insulation?

        Hey jed thanks for the input!

        I've managed to source ceramic blanket, with the same specs as the fb blanket, for a good price.

        The board is proving a little more difficult though.

        The same company who produces the above board also produce a board with the same specs as fb board but it's about 5 times the price of this one, and the only difference I can see (other than completely different chemical composition and price) is the fact that it's only rated upto 800C instead of 1260C!

        So still not sure whether it's suitable really! Certainly can't figure out why it's so much cheaper. Maybe I'm missing something obvious here?


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          Re: Suitable for under hearth insulation?

          As far as the insulating properties I see no reason why that would not be usable...the only question I would have is to be sure that the board will be able to support the weight of the brick oven...another builder on the site had some issues with the board compressing when it got wet and I believe his was a mineral wool product also...I think it was Ken...
          Good luck and all the best!
          "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. " Charles Mingus
          "Build at least two brick to make all the mistakes on and the other to be just like you dreamed of!" Dutch


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            Re: Suitable for under hearth insulation?

            Is 2" "blueboard" which is use in standard construction, suitable for insulating under the oven floor or is it not used because of the heat? It seems like it would be strong enough .How about if it is covered with fire clay before laying the floor?